Home Buyer Services

Let's Get Started

 Just getting started on your home search? Well you've found the right place! Please contact us and include your home search criteria -

  • How many bedrooms and baths?
  • Single family, townhouse or high rise condo? 
  • Location preferences 
  • Price range 

and a Realtor from our MPM team will be in touch within the hour to get the ball rolling! 

Closing Cost Reductions

Buy your home with MPM Realtors and we'll give you $1000 cash back towards your closing costs, as well as free moving box rental from Lend-a-Box. Also, if you are a first time home buyer or a veteran it's likely that your down payment can be significantly lower or nothing at all, ask us how!

Request a Showing

 Found a property on your own and would like more info or want to take a look? Email/Call or Text anytime and we will answer all your questions as well as all available showing times. We will also include a comparable sales analysis of the property as well as some similar properties in your preferred area. 

Moving Supplies and Movers

 Preparing to buy a house can be stressful enough, so we try to make it a little easier by including a great re-usable moving box service. Lend-a-Box! They deliver the boxes to your residence with dollies that make moving the boxes around a breeze. They also supply bubble wrap, packing paper and specially designed Kitchen Boxes for your plates and glasses. If you let us help you buy your next home, you get the Lend-a-box service for free!

We also have a partnership with My Guys Movers which provides us a discount which we pass on to you. Movers love the Lend-a-boxes too, It saves them time which saves you more money! 

Lender Relationships

Thinking about buying but haven't talked to a mortgage lender yet? It may actually be good that you haven't, because we have a list of exceptional mortgage lenders that are a but above most. They all go above and beyond for our clients and we use them on a regular basis. They work to get you the best rate, and they always answer your calls and questions very quickly. Please contact us and we'll send you the list of our "go to" lenders.

Yelp and Online Reviews

 No one is more important to MPM than our clients. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a smooth transaction, quick closing and a stress-free move in. Your opinion matters, and we'd love to hear from you!