Seller Services

Traditional and Social Media Marketing

It's hard to sell something if no one knows about it, right? That's why we spend a lot of time and money marketing each individual property online using Yelp and Facebook Analytics to target and advertise to buyers who are already pre-approved and searching for a home in your area and price range. We also do some traditional marketing to nearby rental apartments and running Open Houses every weekend until your property is sold.

Professional Cleaning and Home Staging

Thinking about selling but are a little intimidated about getting your home "Show Ready"? We can help, we know several great cleaners and organizers that can work with you if you're still occupying in the home. For vacant homes we offer a free Staging Consultation with one of the D.C Metro area's finest Home Staging companies.

"As-is" Home Sales - No Repairs Required

Are you looking to sell your home without spending a dollar on repairs? No problem! We specialize in "as-is" home sales and have a very good track record of getting the most value for our clients.

Professional Photography

At MPM, we hire professional photographers for every listing we put on the market. This costs you nothing, but really goes a long way with marketing and achieving a quick sale at top dollar.

General Contractor and Handyman Services

Repairs big or small, we know fully licensed and insured contractors that do incredible work. Our Realtors even use these contractors for their own homes, they're the best! They charge fair prices and we've negotiated a discount exclusively for all our Sellers. For smaller, more inexpensive jobs we also have  great handymen to come fix just about anything at a moments notice.

Moving Supplies and Movers

Preparing to sell your house can be stressful enough, so we try to make it a little easier by including a great re-usable moving box service. Lend-a-Box! They deliver the boxes to your residence with dollies that make moving the boxes around a breeze. They also supply bubble wrap, packing paper and specially designed Kitchen Boxes for your plates and glasses. If you let us sell your house you get the Lend-a-box service for free!

 We also have a partnership with My Guys Movers which provides us a discount which we pass on to you. Movers love the Lend-a-boxes too, It saves them time which saves you more money!